You are the greatest change agent of all time.

The HelloElephant Startup Safari helps underrepresented entrepreneurs learn, scale and grow while inspiring communities to build generational wealth.

Our Startup Safari Program is a rapid cycle of problem solving, optimization and innovation that gets founders moving toward a clear path of business growth through learning, connecting and fundraising.

You'll get
- Due Diligence Sprints
- Business Model Design & Advice
- Intros to key investors

Generational wealth hinges on the notion that we build something the entire world will love. To do that, HelloElephant pushes the envelope to help founders build scaleable, sustainable and disruptive products that stand the test of time.

Building things better.

We push the envelope to help founders build more scaleable, sustainable and disruptive products that stand the test of time. The HelloElephant Startup Safari will show you what the biggest, most influential brands already know about making products that have global impact. We will also connect founders to the tools, resources and people necessary to move the needle.

Making communities stronger.

Learning from others is a key driver of business success. Show the world your progress with testimonials about what's working and even learning from what's not.

Investing in ideas.

Our network of investors love ideas that shake the world. Throughout the Startup Safari journey, investors will be keenly interested in seeing how ideas move from in your head to in real life and hearing how your product will change the world.

Look inside

Startup Safari

A rapid exploration to get clear on business strategy, product market fit and overall invest-ability.

Angels of Color

Our showcase event where top investors and celebrity panel get first look at the future.


Learn from best in class coaches, how to run your own Startup Safari in your community.

Investors Club

Become an investor and get in on low-risk, high promise business opportunities.

Our Business Coaches are Famous

Our business coaches have a deep breadth of knowledge and award-winning track records in business, marketing, design, public relations, product design, venture capital, finance, human resources, legal and business leadership.     

Ready to build, scale & grow?