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HelloElephant Startup Safari

The Startup Safari is an industry leading business design process for rapid problem solving. It compresses months of work into a 3-day workshop. And now you can learn how it's done.

Startup safari

// Day One

Start by learning how to efficiently unpack challenges for a clear view of where to focus.


  • Leverage research to understand the challenge
  • Role playing techniques to drive empathy
  • Frame problems from an outside perspective
  • On the fly validation approaches
  • Prioritize opportunities
  • Decide on the right place to start
Startup safari

// Day Two

Next, apply state of the art ideation techniques to generate lots of ideas in a short amount of time.

  • Learn several thought provoking methods
  • Interactive process for high engagement
  • Bring the best out of everyone in the room
  • Techniques to maintain focus and positivity
  • Witness the power of working alone together
  • Prioritize the best ideas
Startup safari

// Day Three

Finally, get hands on experience developing testing strategies to validate your best ideas.

  • Design compelling idea narratives
  • Build minimum viable solutions effortlessly
  • Prioritize biggest risks
  • Develop recruiting and testing plans
  • Learn the best metrics to track
  • Present findings like a pro
What to expect

Ready for the next level?

The Startup Safari Training Program is perfect for individuals and teams who want to illuminate a black box and create low-risk, high promise solutions.

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